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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Logo And Web Labs offer a no-hassle refund policy to its customers. Certain conditions apply. If you wish to cancel your order and discontinue our services before the project has begun, you may do so and Logo And Web Labs will provide you with a complete 100% refund minus the transaction charges. If you wish to discontinue our services while the project is still active, Logo And Web Labs will refund you the balance payment of your order. The amount for which we have already done the work for your project will be retained and the remaining balance will be refunded. Any type of project—whether active, on hold, in progress or already completed—will be ineligible for a partial or full refund provided that payment for that project was made 20 days ago. If you have any specific concerns and require a complete refund, you may send us a refund request via email.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Logo And Web Labs has a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee policy for SEO projects. Certain conditions do apply. If the client’s designated website is not ranking after completing all the deliverables assigned for that project within 30 days, Logo And Web Labs will not hold the client liable for payment and will reimburse the entire payment amount to the client, including any and all transaction changes. Clients must contact Logo And Web Labs and initiate the money-back guarantee process within 20 days from the date of project completion. Requests received after 20 days will not be entertained.

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